Let's Not Try to "Label" Our Children.
Instead, Make them an Asset for the nation

Now you Can Self-Manage your Autistic Child’s Development​

Without Being dependent on Therapists or their per hour charges, The Best Healths is always with you.

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Is Your Child Growth , Nutrition And behaviour Normal ?


24X7 Autistic Child Care online

We serve children of 3-12 years old having behavior, speech delay & education as a challenge

The India’s First Platform That Strengthens Parents

Since its start, Web Autism (Previously The Best Healths) has empowered more than 200 families to attain life-changing results for their children using our evidence-based protocol.

Our members get the highest quality clinical care and parental support, in a fraction of the payment taken by traditional therapy.

How can we help you

Online solutions for 24X7 care of Autistic child at home on affordable price.

Our experienced & committed professionals & therapists will help you to guide further.

You should not run here & there for therapies only, because therapies will cover 1-2 hours & 22-23 hours care will be done by you. So you should adopt a holistic approach of care. Which includes

  • Doctor Consultation,
  • Therapies (Occupational Therapy/Speech Therapy),
  • Diet,
  • Exercise,
  • Education &
  • Parental training etc.

How it works?

3-Step Protocol Used In The Best Healths

Here’s how more than 200 families have successfully implemented our 3-step framework to develop amazing outcomes for their loved one.

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Detailed Requirements Assessment

We start with a detailed assessment of your child’s requirements and strengths. This could include a range of evaluations including communication, behavioral and intellectual skills. At the end of each assessment, we decide key growth objectives and development milestones.




At the end of the assessment , we design a set of goals that are closely guide the therapy & help in measuring improvements for your child. Our goals are created using a S.M.A.R.T framework – in a way that is easily implemented by parents, caregivers and educators.


Implementation Protocol

The importance of The Best Health lies in its implementation strategy. You don’t need to wait for years to see the progress. Rather, progress takes place every month by taking small steps.

Every week, our experts will help you implement a set of strategic work and activities. We focus on gradual progress, not perfection. If we are making progress every month, we will continue developing momentum using this strategy. Otherwise, we will review the plan for better results.

Implementation protocol

Children learn skills 2 to 5 times faster using The Best Healths protocol!

Development by regular Therapy takes more time to see improvement in children. We guide & train families to incorporate strategies throughout daily routines, like meal time,or other activities of daily living.

Strength based

We focus on in 24 hours care not only on 1 to 2 hours therapy, so child gets 20 times more opportunities to practice their skills & get better results.

90 Day Increments

We focus on evidence based parent mediated home based intervention which will give 5 times more result than traditional therapy, because child will get care in a familiar comfortable environment. 🙂

Live Workshops

You should expect measurable improvement in every 3 months. Otherwise, there is no reason for you to select us for your loved one.

Goal Driven

We are training parents, you will become self-dependent for your autistic child care & you will save your time and money both for long term.

Inter Disciplinary

We set specific measurable goals to help you understand the improvement clearly.

1000+ Resources

6. We utilize strength of your child to train him/her & you will get better results in less time.

Why Should You Choose Us

1. India’s first 24X7 digital care for Autism at home on affordable price.

2. Your child care will be done by family members, experienced professionals & therapists supervised by doctor.

3. Based on holistic approach of care covering physical, mental, social, behavioural & nutritional status of your child.

4. Customized plan as per need of your child.

Following are evidences for our protocol-

Improvement is a continuous journey, but you could see visible improvement in 3 months.We will focus on most important skill in designing a monthly plan.

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Our program is most useful for kids between 2 to 12 years of age. Usually, a child’s requirement change as they approach teenage or puberty, so we assess the child & decide on case to case basis.

We are providing online services, so we are able to serve India, USA, UK & Gulf countries.

Usually 1 hour/ day or 7 Hours per week quality time is sufficient along with implementation of other protocols, but if you give more time you will get better results.

What's The Evidence Behind The Best Health Protocol?

We only practice evidence-based strategies. Our protocol is offered by highly experienced and licenced clinicians . Following are evidences for our protocol-




At present, we do not offer a free trial. We have worked with many families, our experience is when families make a small payment to to take our services they tend to value it more & implement it with more commitment, therefore getting better results. We have designed The Best Health Protocol  to be as affordable as possible. It will cost a fraction of traditional therapy and you can cancel anytime. If the value of parents training and self dependency is added, its price is nothing in comparison to value.

Yes. You can take as many sessions as you like.You have to pay accordingly.

Our Scope of Services

Your child’s challenges need not hold them back or rob them of their confidence. The earlier you get help, the better the outcome. 

Holistic Child assessment

Holistic child assessment include Developmental assessment, Nutritional assessment & Behavioural assessment. It will help to evaluate the child performance, his/her strength & weaknesses & early diagnosis of any developmental disorders. It will also help in diagnosing nutritional deficiency, delay in growth, development & behaviour.

Doctor consultation

Children with Autism have other Co-existing problems likeObsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Seizures, Sleep Problems, Digestive Problems & other problems.To find out these medical problems at early stage in your child & other challenges such as nutritional deficiency or other developmental disorders & to treat them accordingly & making your child an asset for future.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy will increase the child's ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally, including sign language and other Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Our experienced speech therapists will boost the self-confidence of the child, so that they can engage socially with others.

Occupational Therapy

Some children have difficulty in day to day tasks or feel challenges in motor skills, balance and coordination. Our Occupational Therapists can guide your children to adapt and gain independence by guiding them basic self-care, improving their fine & gross motor skills, ensuring they develop age specific skills.

Special education

Changes and challenges in your child’s environment can cause them immense stress that can alter the way they function and interact. Our special educator can help them navigate difficult phases by empowering them with the right tools and strategies to deal with their stress appropriately. Our special educator will give priority, to the enjoyment of education for special children.

Applied Behaviour Analysis ( ABA)

Our Behaviour Therapists work on evaluating challenging behaviour and developing practical behavioural goals for the child, while also training parents on the best ways to handle these behaviours.

Parents Training

The skills we educate in our parent training programs aren’t the typical classes most parents expect. Our parenting classes can educate you how to manage behavioural challenges and keep your loved one safe. We also provide behavioural and sensory techniques that you can use on a daily basis.

Dietary advice

One in every three children are either undernourished or overweight (UNICEF). Some children are having behavioural problems & other children have sensitivities to some foods. It will make it difficult for parents to give them a nutritious diet. In such circumstances our dietary advice become crucial for your child development.

Yoga advice

Yoga will increase the confidence, concentration and strength of your child. For children having behavioural issues, yoga will improve their impulses in a positive way and provides them with an outlet as a way to control their behaviour.

ABA Therapy

Developmental impairment known as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is brought on by variations in the brain. Restricted or repetitive habits or interests, as well as social communication and engagement, are issues that people with ASD typically suffer from.

Speech Therapy

Variations in the brain result in an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a developmental disability. Restricted or repetitive behaviors or interests,interests, as well as social communication and interaction, are issues that people with ASD frequently struggle with.

Occupational Therapy

Variations in the brain result in an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), a developmental disability. Restricted or repetitive behaviors or interests, as well as social communication and interaction.

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  • Detailed Child Assessment
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  • Home Therapy Plan
  • Therapy Demo
  • Parents Training
  • Yoga Advice
  • Weekly Review
  • Online monitoring

Old selected patients

₹ 1499 15 Days
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  • Home Therapy Plan
  • Therapy Demo
  • Parents Training
  • Yoga Advice
  • Weekly Review
  • Online monitoring

About Us

We are providing child Care of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) online by holistic approach through experts including Home based therapy plan for OT, Speech, Special education, Diet, Nutritional supplementation, Yoga,  and other alternative medicines. We are focusing on parents training to enable them provide 24X7 care to autistic child without spending regular time and money on it. Our core value is our passion to work with children with developmental disabilities. Here you will get to practice new methodologies, try out innovative techniques that can have a dramatic impact on the lives of yours special kid.

It will be very painful if you notice that your child has Autism symptoms. Your next question will be

& Pain may increase further if you don’t know the answers of these questions


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Criteria of Selection of your child

Everyone has either lack of time or money. This will increase your stress because an offline therapy session might be charged differently, online therapy will save your travel time & cost,& you will get therapy by best specialists .You can select plans at a discounted rate and schedule sessions in your preferred language.

Note-Your first consultation is free

Your main concern is how your young child will sit in an online session, without physical presence of a therapist, But don’t worry. Our therapist will design your children plan according to their needs, interests & language to make it enjoyable for your child.

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